—Fiend With Twenty Faces

Monster 20 Face Edit

(怪人二十面相 Kaijin Nijuu Mensou) is the main antagonist of Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan Yori.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Twenty Faces is a slender and androgynous man with silky denim blue hair and golden eyes. He wears a variety of different outfits. Whilst in public, he wears a purple mask that covers his face and ends in a point at the bottom of his face, masking his age and nationality - Few people have seen him without the mask; one of those few being Akechi.


Ep.1 20 faces

His first appearance in episode 1 of Trickster

Twenty faces is a very mischievous and manipulative person. He's extremely intelligent and dangerous. He uses wordplay and is able to use his victims worst traits/fears against them. He is obsessed with providing Akechi with neverending thrills.


Ep.7 You're my saviour

You're my saviour you know that? (Fiend Tells Akechi)

Ep.18 These lips can charm

These lips can charm, anyone they touch bends to my will!

In Episode 7, Twenty Faces tells Mr. Bulletproof that he can change his world. He also confesses that Akechi is his saviour and that he'll be the greatest thrill he's ever had. He states that he will not kill as he considers such an act 'evil' but that will not stop him from providing Akechi with thrills. He has named his power "Gift" and in Episode 18 he states that he had shared something precious with Fumio, his "Gift" just for Akechi. Akechi then tells Twenty faces to explain his so called "Gift." Twenty Faces then articulates that his lips could charm, anyone they touched would bend to his will.


"Since the day mankind began to dig graves, offer flowers and mourn the deaths of those around them, all One-Hundred Ten Billion people who have ever lived on this planet have perished one-way or another; and the 6.9 billion still living today, you know, the ones who bravely tread the ground in which the dead peacefully sleep will one day join them and rot. And not just humans, every form of life is destined to wind up in death's embrace. Yet most of them do not realize that death is a gift bestowed upon the living. For death is rest, a mirror vividly reflecting one's life without prejudice" [1]

Ep.7 Twenty Shades of Fiend

Mired in your own darkness, I'll fill your life with so many adventures.

"I've figured it out Akechi, I won't kill, not ever, that's what I've chosen. That way I won't become Evil like you. I'm not a murderer like the rest of you but I'll keep providing thrills for you, so many you'll drown in them, mired in your own darkness. I'll fill your life with so many adventures, the same way your namesake did for you. Things will be so fun for us, My Akechi. [2] (To Akechi)

♣ "You're my saviour, you know that? To repay you, I won't let you get bored, I'll be the greatest thrill you've ever had!" (To Akechi) [3]

♦ "Things are really going to get fun now, Akechi" [4]

♠ "These lips can charm, anyone they touch bends to my will" (To Akechi) [5]


♥ One of his prime policies is that he does not kill people.

♦ He might be an Esper as he can control/brainwash people through "Gift" - his so called power.


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