Hide affectionately referred to himself and his friends as self proclaimed hooligans.


  • Hide
  • Three unnamed members

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They consisted of people who had dropped out of society for various reasons, and supported one another in preparing meals and had good bonds between them. Their activities largely comprised of vigilante justice; repay trash with trash. This involved cramming trash bags into the van of litterers, to revealing that a reviewer was faking his reviews to slander a restuarant, and "punishing" a factory for polluting.

They were very effective in what they done, more so when it came to combat. On the behalf of a client, they volunteered to join a vigilante squad to capture a murderer to bring him to the people they were working with. Clad in body armor, armed with assault rifles, hand guns and flash grenades, they seemed more than capable of carrying out the mission. Hide himself was able to shoot Nao's gun out her hands leaving her defenceless, and rescue the woman Nao had cornered. They also had a hideout where they kept what appeared to be military grade weapons.

They had their own transport, a camper van driven by Furukawa.

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