Takumi Miyanishi (宮西琢己 Miyamishi Takumi) was a character of Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan Yori and a detective of the Public Security Bureau Affairs Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He was close to figuring out the case of the Fiend With Twenty Faces' incidents, but was later shot dead by Nao Nakamura under the control by 20 Faces' charm.

Physical Appearance Edit

Takumi is a tall man with brown hair and eyes, looking around being in his mid 30's. He normally wears a green collar shirt with a pen inside the front pocket. He also wears casual dark grey pants and dark brown shoes.

He is a fair skinned healthy looking man.

Personality Edit

Takumi puts a lot of dedication into his job, even working to extreme lengths to solve a case. He works along side Nao, who he concerns about her well being. He praises the Boy Detectives Club and shows to care about their safety, unlike Nao, as she for some reason doesn't want to get "attached" to them.

He eventually reveals that he is an otaku and he is friends with some too, even bothering to ask the Boys Detectives Club to investigate a case for a celebrity they like.

Trivia Edit

  • Fans seem to believe that he holds romantic feelings towards Nakamura, though this could be debunked as he doesn't seem to be bothered hearing that she has a "boyfriend".
  • His hobbies are reading manga and speaking to his otaku friends.
  • Fiend With Twenty Faces claims that Nao killing Takumi wasn't going against his own policy, as Takumi was not killed by his hands.