Did you enjoy the t h r i l l s?

—Nao Nakamura, to Kogoro Akechi.

Nao Nakamura (中村 奈緒 Nakamura Nao) is a character of Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan Yori and a corrupt female detective of the Public Security Bureau Affairs Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nao Nakamura is a woman with medium length brown hair pulled into a ponytail. The colour of her eyes are violet. She usually tends to wear a light grey suit (pants and jacket) with a dark purple collared long sleeved shirt and black shoes.


She is a hard worker and enjoys her job.


Ep. 1 Nao Nakamura's first appearance

Nao Nakamura talking to Akechi

Detective Nao Nakamura first appears in Episode 1 of Trickster when she calls Detective Akechi regarding the Robot in Shibuya.

She has a close relationship with Kogoro Akechi and talks a lot about her mysterious boyfriend who later is shown to be none other than twenty faces. Under his brainwashing influence she shoots Miyanishi, her Detective Partner/Sidekick who had always trusted and supported her.


♠ "Why did you choose thrills back then? [1] (To Akechi)

♠ "You are in love with thrills, with Twenty Faces, who gives you thrills, and with yourself when you enjoy those thrills more than anyone else" [2](To Akechi)


♦ She was brainwashed by the Fiend with Twenty Faces as he had shared his precious "Gift" - his so called power with her.


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